Monday, June 27, 2011

What I learned from The Grid

Our last week in Composition for Collage we reviewed the Grid, aka My Nemesis! I had the hardest time with this style. Collage, to me, implies blended, combined media that tells a story or expresses emotion. The Grid (sounds like a super villain doesn't it? Beware The Grid! Ha, ha), anyway, the Grid seems to be the opposite of collage.

The top picture was my first attempt. Still trying to blend and tell a story. Some of it works, but the Grid part isn't really working.

The second collage is after I just let my hangups about The Grid go and had some fun. I compulsively take pictures of clouds. This year alone I've already taken 56 pictures of clouds (thank goodness for digital!). I picked some of my favorites, converted them to posters and then merged them to create the grid.

The Grid started out as my enemy. Having to work through my issues and embrace the style has been more than a composition lesson. The Grid helped me "Go with the Flow" and just enjoy the act of creating.

I hope you have a chance to create today! Thanks for stopping by.

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