Monday, March 26, 2012

Why Do Challenges?

Credits-Apologies to the designers, I lost the file

A lot of us get into scrapbooking initially because we want to document special events or family history.  But that can be done with a regular photo album and some note cards. What is that hook that gets us scrapbooking?  I believe it's because we want to add our own touch of creativity, whether through journaling or decorating the page with embellishments.

Challenges are a great way to spark your creativity or encourage yourself to try something new/different.  These two LOs I made while doing challenges over at my favorite place, Soul Scrappers.

"Going for the Score!" was a color challenge to use black, white and blue.

"The Big Game" was a negative space sketch challenge.

Neither of these LOs would have been created without the inspiration of the challenges.
And the best part is most everyone shares their LOs for even more inspiration.  I love looking at other  LOs to see different interpretations of the challenges.  The galleries are a great source for inspiration.

So how about?  Are you up for a challenge? Head on over to and check it out.

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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Clouds + Song Lyric Challenge = Joy!

Digi Credits: My Little Scraps- Another Graphy Alpha
Anna Aspnes-Old Film No1
You know I love Clouds and you know I love the Song Lyric Challenges over at Souls Scrappers.  Well this month the SLC is "Blue Skies" by Willie Nelson.  Pure Joy!  I mean really, could it get any better?  I sing that song all the time, probably has something to do with the appreciation I have for clouds.                                         
Friday, I was stopped at a red light waiting to get onto the Interstate.  There were some interesting clouds over to the East and since I was stopped I grabbed my camera. :-)  While I was waiting for it to complete it's start up process I heard loud engines.  I looked up and there these guys were. <CLICK> .   I was jazzed when I got home and saw that I had captured the biplanes.

I used the photo as the background and then duplicated it to created the beveled photo in the center.  I kept it real simple because I wanted this page to be all about the biplanes.

Have you ever had one of ther serendipitous moments?

Thursday, March 15, 2012

From Screen 2 Scrap March Inspiration

Stampin Up! Vintage Overlays
Viva Artistry Silver Bells;
Anna Aspnes White Paint 1
12x12 Clipping Masks
This month over at the Movie Poster inspiration is "The Day After Tomorrow".  The bonus criteria is a white title, one photo only, white monochromatic LO with a touch of blue.  The Statue of Liberty's arm reminded me of the photo I took at Christmas of my sister holding the phone up for everyone to yell "Merry Christmas" when my nephew from overseas called.   If you've never tried FS2S Movie Poster Challenge, give this month a try.  I know you'll have fun!

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

When You Change Up Your Journaling

Souls Scrappers had this interesting sketch challenge-design by Karen Findlay.  When I saw the line of punched shapes I thought of a tree branch which led me to scrap about Scott's terrarium.

At first I journaled the who, what, where:
Scott's new hobby is making terrariums.  He collected materials from our yard and the lake front.  When he was done he showed Jacob. Scott plans to create several more terrariums this spring.  We will have our own Father Nature in residence.
Digi Elements:
Natural History Museum Collab
by Dawn Inskip, MLE Card

Then I paused and thought about why I took those pictures.  I took those pictures because I loved seeing Scott and Jacob spending time together. Scott sharing what he was doing and Jacob paying attention (that's asking a lot of a teenager!)

So I changed the journaling to read:
Scott and Jacob sharing some time together.  Scott showed Jacob his latest passion: Terrariums.  It was wonderful seeing them spend time together. We all look forward to seeing what grows from this project.

Changing the journaling made the LO more meaningful, more personal.  I'm glad I did it.

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you have a Happy Craft Day!

Sunday, March 11, 2012

I Made a Drop Shadow!

Digi Credits: Studio Tangie-Ethereal Flowers,
Gesso 2, HearfirstGraffiti;
Studio Flergs-Heartfirst;
Fiddlette Designs-Caliope Catches the Moon;
Charlize Creations-You are Loved; Darcy Baldwin- DigiTara font
My newest LO for the AJC 2012.  I played around with different blending modes .  I even made my own drop shadows for the dancers.  I created a shape using the shape tool and filled it with a medium gray.  Then I used the blur tool to smudge the edges and voila! customized shadowing. 

I also used the pen tool to hand draw the pathway.  I tried to handwrite the journaling, but I will need a lot more practice before I can do that!  In the meantime I keep plugging along in PSE.  The more I learn the more I realize this is one awesome program!  I don't think I'll ever learn it all.

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