Thursday, October 25, 2012

Snapshot 2012 #18 - I Believe

Digi Credits: Studio Viva Artistry-Fairy Tale-Virtuosity, Penmanship, Le Reve
Beth Rimmer: Grunge Overlays
I finally made it to another Snapshot 2012 chat.  Although you don't have to go to the chats to participate I find the discussions help me focus on what I want to do for a page. Snapshot 18 is about our beliefs.  What beliefs do you hold dear, or perhaps what beliefs have changed over the years.  It's a pretty broad topic.  I chose one of our family beliefs.  We are strong proponents of the "Each new day brings new possibilities.  Yesterday is a lesson learned, let it go, move on with no regrets."  Our teenager especially embraces  For this page I worked a lot on blending the background papers.  Underneath the ink and gesso there are 3 different papers with different blending modes applied to help create the look I wanted.
 I've been playing in PSE7 for 10 months now and am still discovering new things to try.  I haven't even started playing with brushes.  Of course PSE11 has now been released.  It looks like a great program, but I don't want to upgrade since I'm still learning PSE7.  Unfortunately many of the new classes coming out are for PSE9 or higher so I may not have a choice if I want to take any classes.
Oh and before I sign off I wanted to share that this piece was selected as a WOW layout over at ViVa and as a GSO (gallery stand out) over at Scrapbook Graphics...Woohoo!  It was a wonderful surprise and I just had to share it with you all since you are kind enough to visit my blog and look at my creations :-).
The weekend is almost here and I hope you find time to create...until next time...Happy Craftin'!

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Art Journal Caravan Rolls On!

It's been a while since I did an AJC page.  I was looking through old itineraries that I haven't done (and there are many!) and came across a prompt about actors you think are hot.  Well, big fan of The Vampire Diaries here so I had to do a page on Ian Somerhalder!  You can find the credit details here in my SBG gallery.

 Can't wait for the season premier on October 11th!

Hope you're having a wonderful crafty day :-)