Wednesday, May 15, 2013

The Perks of Being a Wallflower From Screen to Scrap Challenge

Have you seen this movie?  I must admit that when I first heard of it I thought, Oh great, another teen agnst movie.  But I was so wrong.  This movie is such a treasure.  Great characters and the soundtrack rocks!  I down-loaded the movie and the soundtrack to my laptop.  If you haven't seen it, what's stopping you?

Okay, commercial over.  On to the challenge.  From Screen to Scrap's May challenge is based on the movie poster.  The criteria to follow: a bit of green cardstock, black title and bricks.  Of course I used a lot of green cardstock since it's my background paper :-)  Journaling reads:
Teenager meet Brick Wall.  Brick Wall meet Teenager.  You have a lot in common with each other.  For instance, when I ask Teenager a question he doesn’t vocalize an answer; when I ask Brick Wall a question it doesn’t vocalize
 an answer.  When I ask Teenager to do something he stands there; when I ask Brick Wall to do something it stands there.  See the similarities?  I know that time will erode some of  Teenager’s attitude just as time erodes away a Brick Wall.  But dealing with Teenager in the in-between years makes we want to hit my head against Brick Wall.

We've hit the teenage years hard in our home, can you tell?  We've been working through some challenges. And "talking to a brick wall" is not a cliche to a parent of a teenager! I can almost see my words as they hit him and then crumble to the ground unheard, unwanted <sigh>. But I'll keep talking and hope that some of the words get through.

Digi  Credits: Captivated Visions, Sissy Sparrows and Anna Aspnes.

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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Let Your Inner Child Out to Play with SSAJ5

Credits: Studio Tangie Baxter,
Studio Rebecca Mcmeen, Studio Rosey Posey
Ruccola Designs, Fine Crafted Designs
Eenas Creations
It's time for SSAJ5-May Art Journaling Challenge. This month is all about possibilities. And the best part...we're making art dolls! Do you remember when you were a child cutting up paper and magazines to make people? It's as simple and fun as that ;-) Or for those that aren't allowed to play with sharp objects (heehee) you can always draw one.

That's what I did for my page.  I cut out the clothes, but then painted the head and arms.  As you can see I'm still playing around with lettering styles.  Haven't quite figured that out yet.  Each page I learn a little bit more about myself and the materials I'm using.  Which is part of the reasom why I art journal.

When I started this page I had a prepped background of faded blue, white and purple squares.  I then inked up an old texture plate and pressed it on to the page.  It made me think of a wall so I added bricks to the page in a random pattern.  As I sketched my doll she seemed to tell me she wanted to wear pants, which led to pockets and that sparked the idea for my journaling.  That's one of the things I love about art journaling.  If you let yourself relax and just go with it there's no telling where you'll end up.  One thing I learned about my purple glaze pen: Let it dry completely or it will smear.

All the details for this month's art journaling challenge can be found here.

Also, don't forget all the NSD challenges are still going on over at Soul Scrappers. You have until May 12th to get at least 3 done to be entered to win a prize!

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Saturday, May 4, 2013

iNSD Fun Going on All Week at Soul Scrappers!

Hi, Everyone!  Happy interNational Scrapbook Day!
Isn't it great to have a day where the whole scrapbooking community worldwide gets together to celebrate this wonderful craft.

Soul Scrappers is having 7 challenges for NSD. If you complete at least 3 your name goes in for a random prize drawing. The best have until May 12th to get them done and uploaded to the gallery...Woohoo!
 I've added my challenge-NSD3 Sketch Challenge to the gallery.

And here's my sample LO using the beautiful My Sanctuary Kit from Captivated Visions.

So why not pop on over to Soul Scrappers and let the fun begin :-)

Have a wonderful weekend and I hope you have a chance to create today.
P.S. Tangie got her funding!  My thanks to everyone who helped get the word out and/or pledged.