Sunday, October 7, 2012

Art Journal Caravan Rolls On!

It's been a while since I did an AJC page.  I was looking through old itineraries that I haven't done (and there are many!) and came across a prompt about actors you think are hot.  Well, big fan of The Vampire Diaries here so I had to do a page on Ian Somerhalder!  You can find the credit details here in my SBG gallery.

 Can't wait for the season premier on October 11th!

Hope you're having a wonderful crafty day :-)


  1. Oh MYYYYYYY! I didn't know we share the same addiction, Joy! I just caught up on the last season on Netflix and programmed the new to start recording on my DVR so I won't miss ANYTHING. I just LOVE your page on Damon! I 100% agree with you :-)

  2. Wow Joy!!! Fabulous page with this top looking bloke!!
    Just love how creative you are with your digi pages!
    Hugs xx