Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Clouds + Song Lyric Challenge = Joy!

Digi Credits: My Little Scraps- Another Graphy Alpha
Anna Aspnes-Old Film No1
You know I love Clouds and you know I love the Song Lyric Challenges over at Souls Scrappers.  Well this month the SLC is "Blue Skies" by Willie Nelson.  Pure Joy!  I mean really, could it get any better?  I sing that song all the time, probably has something to do with the appreciation I have for clouds.                                         
Friday, I was stopped at a red light waiting to get onto the Interstate.  There were some interesting clouds over to the East and since I was stopped I grabbed my camera. :-)  While I was waiting for it to complete it's start up process I heard loud engines.  I looked up and there these guys were. <CLICK> .   I was jazzed when I got home and saw that I had captured the biplanes.

I used the photo as the background and then duplicated it to created the beveled photo in the center.  I kept it real simple because I wanted this page to be all about the biplanes.

Have you ever had one of ther serendipitous moments?

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  1. Not only was this a cool moment to capture this on a whim, but you also created an awesome page! Love it!