Friday, March 29, 2013

Gesso Preparation Has Begun!

I'm part of a Mixed Media swap with the Art Journal Caravan this year.  Each person is doing 21 pages.  The only criteria is that at least 50% has to be mixed media (paint, watercolor, collage fodder, etc).

I found a wonderful quote I want to use (sorry can't share until after the swap...stayed tuned).  I've already sketched 7 different ideas and still more ideas are making their presence known.  So who knows where it will all lead.  I do know that I usually use acrylic paints so I decided to go ahead and prep the pages with gesso so they are ready and waiting.

Here's what my work surface looked like after I was done.  Doesn't it look awesome :-)

Hope you get some creative time this weekend.  Until next time...
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  1. Can't wait for you to reveal Joy! Love your mixed media pages!