Tuesday, June 18, 2013

My First Mixed Media Swap Page!

Everyone has received their pages so now I can reveal my first ever Mixed Media Swap page. What an amazing experience it has been, especially being a novice.
I used Golden's Fiber Paste for the first time and will freely admit I am addicted...haha.  I will add here if you use fiber paste and then dapple paint on to it after it dries Beware the Peaks! My index and middle fingers had some very tender spots after doing 21 backgrounds and 21 moons in fiber paste...but what great fun! 
I hand drew the girl (one of about 13 variations...it was hard trying to translate sketch to art doll for this project) and painted her, but I wasn't happy with the flesh color so I scanned her into my computer and added some zentangle patterns from Studio Sherrie and paper background from Tangie Baxter Designs. I then printed her out on some medium weight carstock 21 times :-)
The quote reads "follow your inner moonlight, don't hide the madness" which is quote from Allen Ginsberg. 
Originally I had glass stones where you see stars etc.  But when I started to pack the pages to mail the stones started popping off!  Apparently hot glue will not hold glass stones even when the bottom is sanded...PANIC!  I grabbed an old CM mini punches and Hubby & I punched our little hearts out...PROBLEM SOLVED.  Definitely a different look, but at least they won't pop off.  Did I mention I learned alot?  Haha.
I have returned the living room to the rest of the family, for which they are grateful :-)  I've warned them though that there is talk of a second swap in a few months so don't get too comfortable..heehee.
Thanks for visiting and I hope you have a chance to follow your inner moonlight today!

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