Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Preparing for the Teenage Years

One of the things I enjoy most about digital photos is you have unlimited copies available.  This year my son entered the <shudder> Teenage Years. So I decided to create a photobook for he and my husband that reminded them of all the good times they've had together over the years.  Kind of a buffer for future issues :-) 
Even though a couple of the photos were used in vacation LOs from earlier years, when combined with a new group of photos/LOs they take on a new life.  I had two books printed and gave them each a copy for Christmas.  It was so great to see them looking through their books together and sharing memories.  Mission Accomplished!
Digi Elements: Would You Play with Me
Collab by MelCrea & Paprika
Digi Elements: Assemblage &
Great Expedition Kits by Marta Van Eck

Digi Elements: A World for Boys by Thaliris

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