Sunday, June 24, 2012

100 Happy Thoughts

Get a pen and paper and just start writing things that make you happy.  It's a great prompt for a scrapbook page or in my case Art Journal page.  And the best part is when you're done you can't help but feel happy!  It may seem a little difficult around item 20 or 21, but just stick with it and soon your pen will be flying across the page.  Thanks for visiting and Happy Scrappin!

QUICK UPDATE 6/27/2012:  I was notified today that this LO was chosen as one to share at SBG Gallery Standouts for this week.  There were some really cute LOs chosen this week, if you have a moment bop over and check it out.

Studio Tangie-AJC12 parcels 3,13 & 25, AJF Beetle, Gesso Messy
Studio Rosey Posey-Amazing Artist, Blockland
Studio Ztampf-Hipstagramix Painted
Jennifer Labre-Stencil Alpha, Beth Rimmer-Grungy Overlays


  1. Joy this is a wonderful idea & a delightful technique...I might have to try this one too! Thank you for the inspiration. xx

    1. I hope you do try it, it was so much fun and you can't help but feel good after thinking of 100 things that make you happy :-) I can't take credit for the idea though. It was one of the prompts from the Art Journal Caravan that Tangie Baxter does.